Janning Trumann




06.01.2018 - 20h TRILLMANN @ STADTHALLE Gütersloh

07.01.2018 - 20.30h TRILLMANN feat. Sebastian Sternal @ LOFT Köln

10.01.2018 - 20.30h SUBWAY JAZZ ORCHESTRA + Benni Schäfer & Tobias Wember @ SUBWAY Köln

12.01.2018 - 15h WDR Bigband @ WDR Funkhaus 

13.01.2018 - 15h WDR Bigband @ WDR Funkhaus

25.01.2018 - 20h MAKKRO @ BlueNite Worms

26.01.2018 - 20.30h MAKKRO @ Frankfurt TBA

28.01.2018 - 20.30h MAKKRO @ LOCH Wuppertal

01.02.2018 - 20h CCJO feat. Marko Lackner @ WDR JAZZFEST Gütersloh

13.02.2018 - 20.30h TRILLMANN @ Bird´s Eye Basel

14.02.2018 - 20.30h TRILLMANN @ Bird´s Eye Basel

17.02.2018 - 20.30h CCJO feat. Marko Lackner @ JAZZSCHMIEDE Düsseldorf

01.03.2018 - 20.30h MAKKRO @ Jazzopen Cologne Stadtgarten

12.03.2018 - 20h TRILLMANN @ Jazzkongress Freiburg

14.03.2018 - 20.30h Subway Jazz Orchestra feat. Miho Hazama 

15.03.2018 - 20.30h Trumann/Nabatov/Arends/Helm - STUDIO 672/STADTGARTEN Köln

26.03.2018 - 20.30h Trumann/Burgwinkel/Schönegg - "Monday Meetings" @ LOFT Köln

14.04.2018 - 20h TRILLMANN @ Neues Schauspielhaus Uelzen

16.05.2018 - 20.30h Janning Trumann 4 @ FAT JAZZ HAMBURG

17.05.2018 - 20.30h Janning Trumann 4 feat. Uli Kempendorff @ LOFT Köln




Zeitinsel//Residency 2016 feat. Peter Evans

The 2016 Cologne based residence project featured Peter Evans. Peter was invited to create a three day program, showing his musical work. Stay tuned for 2017. The concept created Mascha Corman and myself.


Concerts in the USA

On April 20th I played at Carnegie Hall with these great musicians: Dierk Peters (vib), Jakob Dreyer (b), Jochen Rückert (dr). We are playing again at the 2nd of May at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. There is a Livestream on Youtube at 2nd of May 6pm (USA). 

Trumann, Rückert, Peters, Dreyer (l to r)

Trumann, Rückert, Peters, Dreyer (l to r)


MAKKRO + Subway Jazz Orchestra

I am happy to share the newest videos with you. This is from our concert at the 8th of March 2017 at Club Subway in Cologne.

March 2017 // New York vs Köln

After having a great time touring with Trillmann in January I now enjoy being back in New York. Here I focus on the preparations for the projects in March in Germany with MAKKRO & Subway Jazz Orchestra and for the concerts in NYC in April and May with Trumann Peters Quartet (with Dierk Peters-vib, Jakob Dreyer-b and Jochen Rückert-dr). 



New York Skyline


January 2017 // Trillmann Tour

2017 started with a lot of action and fun. The new quartet "Trillmann" with Eva Klesse, Fabian Willmann and Florian Herzog just finished recording. The first recording will be made end of August and the second tour will come up end of September! Stay tuned.

New Quartett Videos online

I received a special Christmas present today! The video recordings of my Quartett with Lucas Leidinger (p), Florian Herzog (b) and Thomas Sauerborn (dr) are ready. We recorded with Christian Heck and Refining Arts at Loft Köln. All videos can be watched here



Land NRW / R. Sondermann

Receiving the "Förderpreis des Landes NRW 2016"

At November 14th I went to Münster in Westphalia to receive the sponsorship award of music of the NRW country by minister Bernd Neuendorf. It was an event full evening with prices for young creators of art and culture in this country. I am glad to receive this price, and I thank everyone who made this possible. 


Event Full Month

Köln, 23th of November 2016 - As probably a lot of musicians can agree, the fall is packed for all of us. After the summer break, the September, October and the November are filled with concerts for me with my own projects MAKKRO and the Subway Jazz Orchestra. The MAKKRO concerts in Hannover and at Wendland have been a lot of fun and the press reviews are totally positiv. The concerts with SJO have been very varied and well visited. With the guests Steffen Schorn, Roger Hanschel, SUNG SOUND and Joachim Ullrich, we played music for large ensemble and gave impressions about the today created music. 

In November I had the honor to play a proect with WDR Bigband and musicians from Senegal, so called "MOKTHAR SAMBA". It was great fun to make these experiences.

Fall 2016 Concert season Starts

Köln, September 10th - The concert season after the summer break has started. There are a few projects I want you to inform about:

The Subway Jazz Orchestra starts at the 14th of September with the guests Seffen Schorn and Roger Hanschel. Further guests this fall will be: Joachim Ullrich, Sung Sound and Helge Sunde - WEBSITE SJO - 

MAKKRO starts playing concerts with the program ".why" (Release March 2016 at KLAENGrecords) We´re playing at Hannover, Wendland and Köln.


Förderpreis Musik des Landes NordRhein Westfalen

Köln, 9. September - Ich fühle mich sehr geehrt über die diesjährige Auszeichnung mit dem Förderpreis des Landes NRW in der Kategorie Musik. Meine Vorgänger, vor allem im Jazz, sind sehr geschätzte Kollegen und Vorbilder (u.A. Nils Wogram, Nils Klein).

Presseerklärung vom 25.08.2016

I am glad about this year promotion award of the country of Northrhine Westphalia. 


New sponsored Rath Trombone

August 17th - Manchester and the landscape around are beautiful. I definetely recommend it. I had the pleasure to have a great day at Mick Rath´s trombone manufactory and to choose a new horn. The 14-member strong Rath team have left a strong impression on me. My new trombone is now the R2 model with brass bell, nickel tuning slide and nickel leadpipe (for all the nerds...). Thank you Mick Rath!


J.J. Johnson Award / Price of International Trombone Association (ITA)

June 12th - Long day, short night - I had fun to listen to great trombone players and I am grateful to call me the "winner" of the J.J. Johnson competition. Even if every finalist deserved it! Now I am looking forward to go over to Michael Rath Trombones in England to choose a new Trombone!




Projects / Ensembles

There are several ensembles I play with and projects I curate and organize. 


by Patrick Essex  2017

Janning Trumann
"Be here, Gone and Nowhere"

Album Release in February 2018. 

Janning Trumann (trb)
Dierk Peters (vib)
Drew Gress (b)
Jochen Rückert (dr)


by Patrick Essex 2017

Janning Trumann 4 (6)

Foundet in 2015 with the cologne based musicians Lucas Leidinger, Florian Herzog and Thomas Sauerborn. We play original composition of myself, connecting improvisation with simple composition.

Janning Trumann (trb)
Lucas Leidninger (p)
Florian Herzog (b)
Thomas Sauerborn (dr)

In 2017 there have been two guests who we worked with:

Verneri Pohjola (trp/FIN)
Dierk Peters (vib)


by Peter Tümmers 2016


The concept is easily explained: Two drums, two basses, piano and trombone come together. MAKKRO plays rhythm and harmony against each other, they shift and interfer musical patterns and open up new spaces. The six musicians from Cologne play together since 2012 and played on a couple of international festival stages (including Moers Festival, Jazz House Festival Hamburg).

After the debut Räume, was released 12/2013 on Fuhrwerk Musik, the second album .why has been released in March 2016 on the Cologne based Label KLAENG - records. On ".why“, MAKKRO combines acoustic instrumentation with electronics. 

by Dominik Asche 2017

by Dominik Asche 2017



The four musicians met in New York and decided to keep on playing after moving back to Germany. They all compose for the quartet and found a way to express their approach with an unique style of interaction. Their music is straight composed and leaves detailed space to vary form and dynamic. 

Fabian Willmann (sax)
Janning Trumann (trb)
Eva Klesse (dr)
Florian Herzog (b)


by Peter Tümmers

Subway Jazz Orchestra

The Subway Jazz Orchestra combines 18 of the finest young Cologne based musicians. The Orchestra plays every 2nd Wednesday of the month at "their" club Subway. They work with international renowned musicians and composers, such as Helge Sunde or Steffen Schorn, and create every month a completely new program for large ensemble. 

Photo by Nadine Targiel (2014)

Photo by Nadine Targiel (2014)


In 2013 Florian Herzog and Janning Trumann formed a duo to experience new sounds. They work with minimal structures to express their approach of interaction.

Trombone, Composition



Janning Trumann (*1990) studied Jazztrombone at the Conservatory of Music in Cologne and at New York University. As a instrumentalist and composer he is active all around Germany. There, he organizes and curates his own concert series. His actual focus is on the work with his own Quartett. 

There are various projects he plays with and also released CDs. To name a few:

by Patrick Essex

by Patrick Essex

MAKKRO - Räume (Fuhrwerk Musik)
Trumann Doktrin - Impuls (Fuhrwerk Musik)
HERMANN (Jazz Haus Musik)
Subway Jazz Orchestra - Primal Scream (FLOATmusic)
MAKKRO - .why (KLAENG records)

Janning Trumann won the 2016 International J.J. Johnson Award of ITA and is a scholarship recipient of the German Exchange Service (DAAD). Also, he is the 2016 promotion music award winner of Northrhine Westphalia. He is regulary performing with great orchestra´s such as: 

Subway Jazz Orchestra
Cologne Contemporary Orchestra
Jazz Baltica Ensemble
WDR Bigband


/// German

Janning Trumann (*1990) studierte Jazzposaune an der Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln und der New York University. Er ist als Posaunist und Komponist seiner eigenen Ensembles Deutschlandweit zu hören. Darüber hinaus ist er als Kurator eigener Konzertreihen in Köln tätig und Sprecher der Kölner Jazzkonferenz.

In 2016 gewann Janning Trumann den renommierten „J.J. Johnson Award“ der Internationalen Posaunenvereinigung ITA und wurde mit dem „Förderpreis Musik des Landes Nordrhein Westfalen 2016“ ausgezeichnet. 

Vom Duo Projekt bis hin zum Klangkörper Bigband hat Janning Trumann bereits diverse Aufnahmen veröffentlicht:

MAKKRO - Räume (Fuhrwerk Musik)
Trumann Doktrin - Impuls (Fuhrwerk Musik)
HERMANN (Jazz Haus Musik)
Subway Jazz Orchestra - Primal Scream (FLOATmusic)
MAKKRO - .why (KLAENG records)

Er ist Mitglied in diversen Jazzformationen wie zum Beispiel dem „Cologne Contemporary Jazz Orchestra“ oder dem „Jazz Baltica Ensemble. Zusammengearbeitet hat er schon mit namenhaften Musikern und Ensembles wie der WDR Bigband, Peter Herbolzheimer, Dave Douglas, Donny Mc Caslin, Niels Klein, Vince Mendosa, Peter Erskin, uva. 




by Janning Trumann

This is an overview of my work with my current projects for whom I also compose for.